Our Mission

We help businesses grow!

The Morris County Chamber of Commerce serves the people of Morris County as a dynamic, member-involved business organization that provides its members opportunities to develop, promote and pursue their business interests, foster a healthy economic and political business environment and promote the benefits of business to the public.


  • To sponsor member-relevant committees for personal, professional, business and community growth and to provide networking opportunities for the business community
  • To create an environment that is supportive of business by monitoring and assessing business-related local, state and federal legislative activity, by serving as a spokesperson to advocate business positions before government and by providing a forum for members and government officials to meet
  • To develop and offer business education and training programs and to facilitate partnerships between business and education to foster such activities as preparation for the workforce and financial literacy
  • To provide and support economic development activities that facilitate the retention and expansion of Morris County businesses and attract new businesses to the county
  • To build leadership, stewardship and volunteerism in the business community
  • To serve as an information source about business-related issues in Morris County

As approved by the Morris County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors at their regular business meeting on Wednesday, November 19, 2003.

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