Government Advocacy

As the voice of Morris County businesses, the Chamber acts as a strong advocate for pro-business legislation on the local, county, state, and national level. The Government Affairs Committee uses the collective knowledge and experience of dedicated chamber volunteers to develop and protect the environment for business growth in Morris County. The mission of the Government Affairs Committee is to know what is happening legislatively on the local level and in the state and national capitals, to take stands on issues that are of importance to the Chamber and the business community, and to disseminate that information to members and the public so they can work for business-friendly policies on all levels of government.

The leadership of the Chamber works to develop strong relationships with elected officials.  We invite them to participate in our meetings and chamber staff stays in touch with the Governor's office, members of Congress and many local office holders.

We work to position ourselves as advocates for the concerns of our members.  We have the relationships and experience to help businesses understand the right strategy to resolve their concerns in the public policy arena.

The Chamber does not endorse candidates for public office, but it does encourage its members and others to support  pro-business political action committees and pro-business candidates.

The goal of the Government Affairs Committee is to keep Chamber members and the business community informed about policies that affect them and to direct them to take actions that lead to economic growth and job creation. By doing so, the Committee and the Morris County Chamber of Commerce fulfill their roles of improving the business community and society in general.

Events and Programs:

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Statue of George Washington, Washington’s Headquarters, Morristown