Young Professionals

Chair: Ashley Palmer, Centric Benefits Consulting

Mission: Cultivate relationships, develop professionally and support the community.


“Let’s tell young people the best books are yet to be written, the best painting, the best government the best of everything is yet to be done by them.”

  John Erskine – American Educator and Author


The Young Professionals Committee offers our under-40 members the opportunity to both leverage their youth and learn how to be more effective – and successful – business people. The committee offers a unique combination of networking, learning and skills building and giving back to the community.

Enjoy the camaraderie of business professionals aged 21-39 from a variety of sectors with similar career experiences. Network with other chamber members, both inside and outside the committee, developing opportunities for business. Learn from older professionals how they achieved success – and what they expect from the younger generation. Hone business skills to make you more effective today and as your career develops – and help accelerate that development.

In addition, develop a sense of community by volunteering for one of the committee’s group volunteer activities, such as helping to build a house for habitat for Humanity or serve lunch to those in need at the Community Soup Kitchen.

Benefits of membership on this committee include:

  • Meeting new people and developing new business opportunities
  • Expanding your network of business contacts
  • Increasing your visibility through attendance, participation and volunteering
  • Strengthening your teamwork skills by joining a subcommittee
  • Strengthening your leadership skills by serving as a subcommittee chair
  • Broadening your knowledge base and skills through useful programs and presentations, including learning from both your peers and more experienced professionals

Employers benefit from sending their younger employees to the Young Professionals Committee because they will strengthen and develop skills that make them more valuable employees, their morale will improve and they will feel appreciated by their employer.

Programs and events include:

  • Monthly Committee Meetings – Monthly meetings that allow for networking, sharing of experiences and ideas and skills development with guest speakers.
  • Executive Roundtables – Small breakfast meetings to enable mentoring and education by successful experienced business professionals.
  • Tuesday Night Networking – Twice annual chamber-wide networking events that allow committee members to meet and interact with other chamber members of all ages.
  • Group Volunteer Activities – Group efforts supporting community human services agencies and giving drives.

Group Volunteer Activities
– Organizing community support volunteer outings

Networking Events – Organizing chamber-wide networking events sponsored by the committee.

Interested in Joining the Committee?

The Young Professionals Committee is open to any member of the chamber but is geared toward those aged 21-39. The committee meets the first Wednesday of the month 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. in the chamber conference room. 

Click here to send an email indicating that you plan to attend the next committee meeting. Include your full contact information in the email. 

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