Chair: Dennis Wilson, SolarKal

Mission:  To be at the forefront of driving long term sustainable value for our members and the business community  by encouraging the development of sustainability initiatives and programs and supporting their implementation.  

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What We Believe:

  • Environmental and sustainability concerns are emerging as significant social and economic drivers for both global and local communities
  • Our Energy Infrastructure is undergoing tremendous change. We need to define the interests of utilities, consumers and environmental groups and set aggressive goals to reduce global warming emissions and protect our environment.
  • Energy Conservation is a crucial enabler for utilities and energy consumers and the Chamber can play a positive role in educating and supporting its members. Dramatic technology changes need to be understood by consumers and the chamber can be a strategic information source.
  • Chamber member companies have expertise in managing energy consumption and implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy that should be shared with other members.
  • We can help organizations become contributors to state goals on emissions reductions and more utilization of renewables. 
  • Chamber must ensure that business and residential consumers have access to potential energy sources that support grid reliability and assist in the smooth transition to a clean energy economy.
  • We will be a partner with local communities to address water infrastructure issues, including safety, reliability and resilience
  • Chamber must understand the implications to our transportation and electric systems related to electric vehicles and other mobility technologies.
  • The circular economy can provide new business models that support regional and local prosperity
  • We can promote waste reduction by going from a make, use, dispose economy to a reduce, reuse, recycle, regenerate economy.
  • Share ways that Small, Medium and Large companies can simultaneously enhance their brand, attract and retain talent, and support the local community
  • Explore shared value between corporations and nonprofits: what nonprofits need from corporations to help them succeed and grow, and how nonprofits can help corporations better understand their role in corporate social responsibility

Our Subcommittees:

Energy Efficiency/Products & Buildings
Human Side of Sustainability 
The Grid and Future Energy Supply

Interested in Joining the Committee?

The Sustainability Committee is open to any member of the chamber. The committee meets the second Tuesday of the month 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. in the chamber conference room. 

Click here to send an email indicating that you plan to attend the next committee meeting. Include your full contact information in the email. 

Sustainability Committee Roster

Sustainability Committee 12.13.17

Meeting Minutes

SC Minutes 11.29.17


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