Business Development

Chair: Steven Lauterback, Lauterback Consulting

Mission: To provide a forum for members to share ideas, insights and trends that together will help drive business results, and to optimize the member experience by insuring the success of the chamber’s signature networking events.

“To open a shop is easy. To keep it open is an art.”
                                                                                                Chinese proverb

The Business Development Forum helps business owners and professionals to develop relationships and grow their businesses through structured networking events. By attending monthly meetings members enhance their visibility, raise awareness of their business, establish relationships and strengthen their business development skills.

Become a better networker through training and structured networking events. Discover the value of one-on-one interaction. Meet other business owners and professionals interested in expanding their networks in structured event settings and get connected to people with whom you can business. Raise your visibility.

Benefits of membership on this committee include:

  • Meeting new people and developing new business opportunities through both structured networking events and informal interaction
  • Expanding your network of business contacts
  • Increasing your visibility through attendance, participation and volunteering
  • Strengthening your teamwork skills by joining a subcommittee
  • Strengthening your leadership skills by serving as a subcommittee chair for Business Connections or More Than Lunch.

Programs and events include:

  • Business Connections – The chamber’s signature networking event held the third Friday of each month attended by more than 150 business professionals that includes structured table networking, open networking, individual introductions and two post-event one-on-one meetings.
  • More Than Lunch – Bimonthly lunch networking events attended by more than 75 business professionals that include extended table networking, individual introductions and two post-event one-on-one meetings.
  • Morris in the Evening – Quarterly informal afterhours networking events that allow members to mingle and meet in a casual setting.
  • Speed Networking – A structured networking event that allows attendees to meet more contacts than they ever would in a single event, comprising a number of one-on-one exchanges and potential business opportunities.

Want to Participate?  The Business Development Forum is open to any member of the chamber and meets the first Thursday of the month, from 8am to 9am, in the Chamber conference room. 

If you plan to attend a meeting, register at so we can save you a seat.

Not a member yet?  Contact Paul Boudreau, President, at or 973.210.6081


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