Value of Membership

Thank you for your interest in joining the Morris County Chamber of Commerce.  Membership can open many doors that can lead to exciting new opportunities for you and your organization.  Our mission is To Help Businesses Grow and we do this in a variety of ways:


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  1. Raise Your Visibility
    • We provide you with a forum to network where you can build winning relationships that help you to create new opportunities for business, and where you can learn from members who have a proven track record of success.
  2. Professional Development
    • Our seminar topics are relevant to the business challenges you face today.  Some of our popular seminars include: 
      • Building Your Business Through Referrals
      • Crafting Your Two Minute Introduction
      • Gaining Power in Negotiation
      • Improving Your Financial IQ: Financial Statements 101
      • Maximizing LinkedIn
      • Networking for the Bottom Line
      • The Art of Public Speaking
      • Understanding Constant Contact
      • Understanding SEO, and more!
  3. Join A Committee
    • Getting involved in one or more of our committees will help you and your staff maximize your membership experience. Our committees drive our value proposition. They are:
      • Business Development
      • Government Affairs
      • Health & Wellness
      • Not-For-Profit
      • Technology
      • Women in Business
      • Young Professionals
    • Each committee meets on a monthly basis. Check our calendar of events for the schedule.
  4. Public Sector Relationships
    • Many public officials are active in our Chamber.  We can help you build stronger relationships with local, state and federal public officials, and work with you to arrange introductions.
  5. Pay It Forward
    • Our Chamber believes in the philosophy that the more people you serve and support the more you will be supported.  We strive to build a culture of “Pay it Forward” and by doing this we encourage all members to be genuinely interest in learning about each other.  Furthermore, we encourage members to do business with each other and to frequently use our membership directory to find businesses they need.
    • Our staff is often told that networking in our Chamber is refreshing because of our culture, attention to detail, and quality of people who are paying it forward.  If you join our Chamber you will have the opportunity to develop an entourage of people who are invested in your success.  How many people can you say are invested in your success?  Everyone needs more.  Join our Chamber and you will find your list growing! 
  6. Not-For-Profit
    • Our Chamber has numerous not-for-profit members and you will have the opportunity to build relationships with many of the representatives  from this sector.  Many are looking for board members, or pools of volunteers to support their cause.  From human services to the arts, many not-for-profits offer tremendous opportunity for partnerships.

To learn more about how to become a member in the Morris County Chamber of Commerce, please contact:

Angela Kubisky
Executive Vice President
Membership & Marketing
Morris County Chamber of Commerce

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Tom Mallaney of CBRE, Inc. (l) and Brian Decillis of Mack-Cali Realty Corporation (r) enjoying a Chamber event.