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Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert is a service developed by the Women in Business Committee members to accelerate the success of women in the Morris County Chamber of Commerce by fostering a culture of information sharing in which they can leverage the knowledge, expertise and experiences of their peers.

Each year, thirty-six women who are leaders in their field agree to donate their time each month as an expert to provide guidance and advice free of charge. 

Experts provide guidance in a wide range of business and personal areas including marketing, finance, operations, business development, personal growth and more.  Participants are able to schedule unlimited sessions each month, but may only meet with a particular expert once in a six month time period. 

We are finalizing experts for the 2017 calendar year and will be accepting appointments soon.


Gain greater exposure in the Morris County Chamber of Commerce:  An expert is a prestigious position that is widely recognized throughout the Women in Business Program.  Experts receive special recognition at events and exposure on Morris County Chamber of Commerce marketing materials

Be recognized as a leader in your field:  Only thirty-six experts are selected each year based on their expertise, experience and leadership in their field.  Being an expert is something to brag about and include on your bio, resumé or CV.

Create opportunities to gain new business:  While it is not acceptable for experts to “sell” to those seeking guidance, we are all respectful of an expert’s time and volunteer spirit.  Each participant is permitted one meeting with any particular expert in a six month period.  After the initial meeting, participants may hire experts to provide future guidance.

Experts Select Their Availability: Experts choose when they are available to volunteer their time.  We ask our experts make themselves available for a minimum of one half-hour session each month.

 Click here to apply to be an expert!  Applications are due by March 8, 2017